For most of us, tongue hygiene may get less attention. Whereas a dirty tongue can cause bad breath and un-freshly breath. It will certainly interfere with our appearance and make the people around us feel less comfortable.

Therefore it is important for us to always pay attention to cleansing the tongue. If you do not understand how to clean the dirty tongue then you are in the right article, because here we will discuss about how to clean the dirty tongue.

This dirty tongue is usually marked with white stains or white bumps or spots on the center of your tongue. If not cleaned, dirt will continue to accumulate and cause bad breath when you're talking.

How to Get Rid of a White Tongue

The first way to clean the white tongue is that you have to brush your teeth. After brushing your teeth and gums, you should also not forget to softly brush the top of your tongue. Brush in a circular direction.

Remember, do this slowly, because if you hurry and do it roughly, then your tongue can get hurt. Simply do the front and center of the tongue, not too deep because some people feel nauseated and want to vomit when the inside of his tongue exposed to foreign objects such as toothbrushes.

How to clean white tongue secondly is by diligently to drink yogurt. Yogurt is one of the probiotic drinks that can help clear the bacteria on your tongue.

Therefore, consuming yogurt on regular basis is one way to clean the white tongue properly. In addition to drinking yogurt, turmeric is also good to clean your tongue. Turmeric is one of the traditional ingredients that can help clean your white tongue. The way to use turmeric to clean the tongue is very easy, which is enough to mix turmeric with water and use as a mouthwash before sleeping at night.

The third method on how to clean the white tongue is to use salt. Salt is believed to help clear the tongue from a white stain. How to clean a dirty tongue using salt is simply by applying salt to the center of your tongue before brushing your teeth. Let stand a few moments, then brush your teeth and rinse it thoroughly.

Tips for Removing Bad Breath

The fourth method on how to get rid of white tongue is by using mouthwash that you can get easily in the market. Choose a mouthwash that is not too hard, but already known to have good quality. If you find it difficult or uncomfortable to clean the tongue using a toothbrush, then cleaning the tongue using mouthwash is the right alternative to make the white tongue becomes clean and the make the bad breath becomes refreshed again.

Well, to complete the way to clean the white tongue by using mouthwash, you should also all scrape dirt on your tongue by using yarn. So after you finish using mouthwash, use a piece of yarn to clean the dirt on the tongue. Start from the back of the tongue, then push forward the yarn until the thread reaches the tip of the tongue. This is one of the tips to eliminate bad breath.
Mouth Odor Prevention Tips

The fifth method to clean the dirty tongue is to consume lots of fruits such as strawberries or apples. Strawberries and apples are believed to help you in cleansing the dirty tongue and overcoming the bad breath. Eat fruit every day to keep your tongue clean and you can also avoid bad breath.

The sixth method to clean the dirty tongue is by using tongue scraper (tongue cleaner). This tool is shaped like a hook that serves to pull germs and dirt from the tongue. You can easily find this tool in the market and in pharmacies. Choose a tongue scraper that has good quality. Keep in mind, when cleaning the tongue, do not pull too hard because it can make the tongue become sick.

Those are some ways to clean the white tongue that you can try yourself at home. In addition, we provide tips on keeping your tongue clean, e.g. avoid drinking alcoholic beverages. Alcoholic beverages other than unhealthy for organs, also clean the effects are not good for organs on the mouth, such as teeth, gums, and tongue. Instead increase the drinking water intake. Hopefully the methods on how to clean white tongue above can help overcome the problems you face. Good luck.

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